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Process Development

Our team is comprised not only of JavaScript Developers and Designers, but also Project Managers, DevOps and Quality Assurance Engineers, who are putting in place architecture, proper development and product delivery processes.

Development process and code are under total control

Mifort offers development process audit and code audit services, so you can be sure that every cent you invest is used for the benefit of your project, and that neither time nor money is lost due to inefficient or unnecessary procedures. It is better to make contact before the start of the project, to ensure monitoring and evaluation of the development process from the very beginning.
Our experts will accompany you every step of the way to the finished product. We will help you optimize the various stages of the process to ensure that each one is 100% optimized:
  • The planning process: defining objectives and carrying out the initial requirements analysis
  • Implementation, testing and documentation: efficient programming code for your project. Provision of writing clean code that is easy to maintain and update to add new functionality project opportunities in the future. Making sure that the error will be seen early in the development process.
  • The maintenance and development of software to cope with newly discovered faults during or after the development of software.
Need a professional look at your development processes or qualitative code audit? Call Us