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Product Development

We know how to create a Product from idea to finished web application. We work in order to save your time and our time by delivering products in Agile or Waterfall model but always dividing the deliverable in small pieces so that the client is able to see the results as soon as possible.

Why IT-outsourcing?

We do all the technical work, allowing you to devote all the time to your business.
Outsourcing in IT allows you to:
  • Reduce enterprise costs and improve efficiency;
  • Reduce the cost of finding and training the staff;
  • Reduce the cost of payment of wages, taxes and contributions to social funds;
  • Reduce costs for the organization of the workplace for the full-time administrator.

The guarantee of high-quality work

You get high-quality work, made in the specified time with the following technical product support. Agreement concluded with the IT outsourcing company is a reliable guarantee that the computer system will work and all the problems will be fixed promptly. In addition, all new hardware and software components will be implemented competently and efficiently.

If your employees let you down, the best you can do is to deprive bonuses or fire them. If the company is the executor - it will pay you compensation, as it is clearly stated in the contract. For the company it is the main business and it is interested in maintaining the reputation and market competitiveness.

Why Mifort?

Mifort is able to provide Big Data consulting and development services, helping companies bridge the ever widening span between the overflow volume of complex data and the ability to perform in depth analysis to interpret and report.

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