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Mifort Timesheet

Start to track your time and automate your business

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Automate your business

Save Your Time

Fast and simple reports generation with smart filtering and validation

Manage Employees

Simple management of employees’ time spent on all your company projects

Manage Projects

Create multiple projects, assign employees, their roles and workloads. Determine the projects report periods

Know your business

Get info of how your company processes work

Timesheet Process

    • Create a company
    • Invite Employees
    • Assign Roles
    • Control your company
    • Create a project
    • Declare the projects report periods
    • Set Holidays/workload
    • Check the Reports
    • Log your time
    • Just log your time
    • Relax


Open Source

All the Timesheets' code is open for any extensions or customization. We have a wide community of develop, support and testing teams

Rich Documentation

Technical and User Documentation to tell you all you need to know about Timesheets deeply

Awesome UX

Beautiful, fast and intuitive interface. Wizard with hints for each page with info about all elements and actions

Multiple Reports types

Different types of reports with analytic engine, filtering, search and sorting for your needs


A great team who always helps to solve problems of each individual client

New Technologies

Fresh development solutions make it one of the top in segment. Node.js + MongoDB + Angular -> Cloud

Offline work

Log your work offline, sync on when you are back online


  • google






  • Login

    − use single sign in as an entry point into application

In Process

  • Calendar

    − import events from your Gmail/Exchange/iCloud calendar into your timesheet
    25 votes
  • Disc

    − export all your data and save all reports in company storage
    83 votes
  • Contacts

    − invite and import your employees fast from your shared company employees data(name, email, photo etc.)
    14 votes
  • Hangout

    − send notifications and track your time as simple as chat with coworkers
    91 votes
  • Mail

    − use your company mail for notifications and reporting
    44 votes
  • Mail

    Gmail, Exchange, iCloud
    If most of your work is mail communication - we will read all topics you have discussed and write them into your timesheet

    45 votes
  • Version Control Systems time tracking

    Use GIT, SVN or TFS to log your work from commits comments

    110 votes
  • Calendars

    Gmail, Exchange, iCloud
    Read your calendar events in order to pre-fill timesheet

    60 votes
  • Notifications/time tracking

    Send and log them as simple as chat with coworkers

    25 votes
  • Tasks

    Jira, TFS, Trello, Wunderlist
    Read your activity stream and logged time

    23 votes
  • GitHub

    Git + Issues tracking

    67 votes
  • CL - command line

    For true geeks we have support of command line, track your time in terminal as you like

    58 votes
  • Instant Messengers

    Log your time with Skype, Viber, Xmpp, Stash, SMS

    72 votes


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